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Sunday, March 12, 2023

Whatever Floats Your Boat

 Northern New York is one of the least populated areas in the state. This is reflected in the number of breweries. There are currently 20 breweries within 40 minutes of Syracuse, according to Brewery Info. A mere 75 miles north the city of Watertown is home to at least four. Travel further northeast, along the Saint Lawrence River, breweries are few and very far between. 

A mere 22 miles northeast of Watertown lies the village of Clayton. Nestled in the Thousand Islands along the Saint Lawrence River, Clayton is a boating town, for obvious reasons. Clayton is home to the Antique Boat Museum which host an eclectic assortment of boats from canoes to speed boats.

Directly across the street from the museum is the Wood Boat Brewery.  Despite its name it is not on an actual boat, but a tribute to the regions boating history. Arriving around noon with the Navigator, and the Navigator-in-laws (because you can never have to many navigators) we found the brewery quite busy. With both indoor and outdoor seating, we had difficulty making our way through the people gathered around the entrance. Always a good sign.

Entering the tap room, we immediately pick up on a nautical theme. Artwork depicting various craft of the water variety, not craft beer, adorn the walls. I am ecstatic to find an image of one of the best canoes ever made, an Old Town Canoe from the great state of Maine. Motif aside, the food and staff were up to the task. Our server, Ethel, probably not her name, gave as good as he got with a retort quickly at hand. The food is nothing to sneeze at, or on. Brick oven pizza and sandwiches comprise the majority of the menu. Solid food without detracting from the main attraction, beer.  Call me old school, but if you visit a brewery for the food, you should probably look for a restaurant. Breweries are for beer drinkers, first and foremost. 

In conclusion, if you find yourself on the Saint Lawrence River, by plane, train, automobile, boat, horse, camel, mule, you get the idea. Stop by the Wood Boat Brewery.  Tell them Matt sent you and they will either reply "who?" or call local law enforcement. Either way, it will be a memorable visit! 

 Until then, stay crafty.


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