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Tuesday, May 25, 2021

What’s in a Name

 What’s in a name? Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine a time without access to draft beer. The COVID Pandemic changed lives around the world while relegating my blog title to obscurity. Removing the “Wanderer” from my homebrewing blog is akin to removing hops from beer. It may look the same but its very hard to swallow!
With prohibition-like precision the German government ordered the closing of all bars and restaurants. What is a beer drinker to do?  Unlike many state in my native “United” States most of Europe allows delivery of alcohol to YOUR DOOR. Suffice to say for more than a year the local DHL delivery team wore a path to my front door.
Two breweries stand head and shoulders above the rest. Brewheart, an upstart Bavarian craft brewery whose owner Andreas I consider a personal friend. Born of home brewing roots Brewheart came onto the German beer scene in late 2018 focusing on IPA’s, my beer of choice. As a completely self funded brewery they are leaving an indelible mark on German craft beer. During the first year of the pandemic I ordered so many cases of Brewheart that I may have single handedly kept them in business!

I don’t have a personal connection to the second brewery however their beer naming convention continuously drew me to them. Using their experience with US craft beer and their love of of hockey they developed some great IPA’s. With beer names like Boogie Til You Barf, Juice Willis, and Steven Seagull, Sudden Death Brewing helped me through the darkest days of the pandemic. I routinely ordered their beers and have the belly to prove it.
Eighteen months removed from the onset of the pandemic the navigator and I have returned to the U.S. having both received our vaccinations With U.S craft breweries returning to full capacity we look forward to putting the “Wandering” back in Wanderinghomebrewer.
Stay safe and drink beer!

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